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A facial rolling tool promoting even circulation and soothing meridian lines, made of natural rose quartz.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

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  • Rose quartz rolling has MANY benefits! If you are into the various meanings of stones and elements, rose quartz has the highest vibration of love of any healing stone. Rose quartz removes emotional stress, purifies energy, opens the heart, as well as comforts and soothes. This natural rose quartz facial roller improves blood circulation and overall skin tone, removes wrinkles and puffiness, reduces dark undereye circles, eliminates toxins, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

    Rose quartz is a very durable stone staying cool for quite a lengthy interim. This is partially why rose quartz rollers have pore tightening benefits. Rose quartz rolling also helps your skin care products absorb more deeply, so they can really penetrate your skin and perform more effectively. 

    For best use, prior to treating your skin in the evening time, put the roller in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Roll the face and neck for about 2-3 minutes each night. When performing the roller treatment on yourself, make sure to roll outwards and up. Imagine your nose as the center of your face and everything rolling away from your nose, towards your hairline, and up your jawline and chin. This encourages proper lymphatic drainage. Keep the pressure moderate and comfortable, using the big end for face and neck and the small end for around the nose, lips, and eyes.

    After about 3 days of daily rose quartz rolling you may notice your skin starting to be a little tighter and firmer.

    Tip: Bruising is caused when blood vessels beneath the skin burst, causing the patchy discoloration. Since the rose quartz roller helps reduce inflammation and uneven skin tone, bruising can diminish with its use in as little as 2 days of rolling!

    A rose quartz roller sounds like a miracle treatment and it is!

    This tool can last up to 2 years, possibly longer.

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