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What are the most important steps in a daily skin care regime?

Each step has unique significance.  For newbies, cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are a must. Next, we suggest adding an exfoliator, mask, and eye cream.  Adding a 2nd moisturizer for the face with SPF is incredibly important.


How many times per week should I exfoliate?

About 1-3 times per week.  It can depend on the exfoliant.


Is eye cream necessary?

Yes.  The skin around the eye area is thinner than the rest of the face, thus creating the necessity for a formula unique to this area.


Are there certain masks I can sleep in?

Yes.  The masks available in our store you can sleep in are the Hydra No1 Masque, Sensitive Masque, and even the Gommage Yon-ka is great for combination/oily skin types to sleep in.  Apply a thin layer of any of these three as a finishing product before bed.


Is it a good idea to cocktail my serums and moisturizers?

Most definitely.  If you have any questions about specific combinations, feel free to schedule a skin care consultation.

*Tip*  For a better understanding about budgeting for your skin care regime, calculate the cost per day.  Most of the tools and products available on this site can last upwards of 3 months, and sometimes longer.  Investing in this daily lifestyle commitment is more than indulgent, it is a worthy priority.


How many times a day do I need to cleanse?

Twice - morning and evening


What is the best time of day to exfoliate and/or mask in my daily skin care regime?

Evening, before bed.  As we sleep, we enter a more relaxed state where our skin is more relaxed, thus topical absorption rates are increased, and skin care products with higher concentrations of reparative properties are better for application. 


What is the purpose of a toner?

To improve the skin's barrier function, keep its pH balanced, and allow for greater absorption levels of other applied topicals.  This can lead to increased activity levels, which enhance desirable results.


Do I need to wash my hands before I cleanse my face?



How do I know which product(s) are appropriate for my skin type and/or condition?

If you know your skin type, reading the descriptions of products and tools available is helpful in making a selection.  For a better understanding of your skin type, please refer to this (link) and circle all that apply to you

> Skin Chart <

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What is the difference between a skin type and a skin condition?

Type is what you are born with, being dry, oily, sensitive, or combination skin, and can relate to genetics.  Conditions can be chronic, such as acne, fine lines + wrinkles, dehydration, fibromas, milia, hyper pigmentation, cherry angiomas, varicose or "spider" veins, and the list goes on.  You can have one or any combination of these conditions.  These can arise due to lifestyle, environment, and sometimes age or genetic relation.


What are peptides?

Refer to blog "What About Peptides?" in the 'Skincare Lifestyle' page of this site.

If you're looking for a recommendation on a product to introduce you to the power of peptides, then Hydropeptide's Power Serum it is!  This is great for any skin type, especially in the fall/winter months.


Does diet effect my skin?

You are what you eat. ;)

For more on this topic, go to Earth Glow's Instagram: @earthglow_


How much product should I apply per use?

The products available on this site are highly concentrated and a little bit goes a long way.  A dime to quarter-size amount is most often acceptable.


How can I order Environ skin care products?

By scheduling a consultation and/or skin care treatment.


Note: Hydropeptide and Yon-Ka Paris skin care lines are available for online purchase with no consultation necessary, though it is recommended, especially for new guests.