providing the space for you to receive the full mascara look you want - dramatic and/or natural- with 75 eyelash extensions per eye  these delicate synthetic mink extensions attach to your natural eyelashes individually, with a true one to one connection 

this lovely investment lasts upwards of three to four weeks!

*aftercare available to protect your investment*

this fluttery look is performed by creating handmade fans with lightweight eyelash extensions, also connected with the true one to one application for added dimension to your eyelash look

a fabulous style for people with naturally dainty eyelashes. there are 60 handmade fans per eye with this full set

combination of Classic + Volume eyelash extensions! a very fun look that DOES in fact exist!

Classic eyelash extensions fill

Classic eyelash extensions fill

Volume eyelash extensions fill

Volume eyelash extensions fill

Hybrid eyelash extensions fill

Hybrid eyelash extensions fill

fantastic treatment for enhancing your natural eyelashes, like a mini perm to create a lift for them, lasting up to 6 weeks!

L-V-L (length volume lift) + eyelash tinting

combination offering

highly recommended a few days before an eyelash extension procedure, for extra va-voom to your eyelash look

darken your eyelashes and add some sparkle those eyes

your eyebrows are tinted to a desired shade, giving shape to frame the face

combination offering

this treatment darkens and/or blends the overall color tone of the beard, and/or covers up grey

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